1. Possekel J. and Ernstson K. (2021). The so-called "Solle" late pleistocene circular formations in the Brandenburg and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern federal states (N orthern Germany): Evidence of meteorite impact craterstrewn fields // 12th Planetary Crater Consortiumm Mtg 2021 (LPI Contrib. No. 2621).
  2. Kumlehn de Mamani M. (2022). Solle in Norddeutschland.

Группа "Solle" на Яндекс-карте.

Аналогичны кратерному полю Чимгау (Chiemgau).

DTM of larger perfectly circular, multi-ring pans among the Hohengustow Solle. Three small pans are accompanying the large one (right image).
(Possekel J. and Ernstson K., 2021).

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