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  2. Monika Kumlehn de Mamani & Ingrid Grambow IMPAKTNAMEN: Namen der [Meteorite; Impakte/Krater; Boliden/Fireballs; Tektite] im Sonnensystem.(2010)

The targets of the large bursts were the following: The ocean southeast of Australia (probably the Tasman Sea), the Southern Chinese Sea, the western part of the central Indian Ocean, the northern Atlantic, the middle Atlantic south of the Azores (the island of Atlantis), the eastern region of the Pacific in front of Middle America (Guatemala), and probably the southern Pacific west of Tierra del Fuego. The localisation of these sites was made possible: 1. by the correlated strewn-fields of tektites of analogous age at the neighbouring continents northwest of the impacts; 2. by eyewitness reports that describe a brownish red "bloody" rainfall on land, rivers and oceans in impact surroundings caused by the fall-out of impact generated concentrated nitric acid, saturated with nitric oxides; 3. by the direct accounts of the inhabitants of the adjoining mainlands, describing the appearance and location of the impact with its fiery plume (Kristan-Tollmann E., Tollmann A., 1991).

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