1. Blake Richard G. (1998). 3D-Seismic and the Discovery of California's first meteorite impact crater, Sacramento Valley . AAPG Bull., Vol.82, No.5, P. 842
  2. D. Rajmon (2012).

Спутниковая фотография района кратера из Google Earth.

Buried feature in the Sacramento Valley, about seven miles southwest of the City of Sacramento. Located on 3D seismic (Blake, 1998). The Cowell crater is located 13-16 km southwest of the City of Sacramento, pretty much centered in Sec. 24, T8N-R3E, Mt. Diablo Base and Meridian (R. Blake, 2007 - pers. comm.). The impact occured on ancestral Sacramento River flood plain during Miocene time about 25 to 30 million years ago (Blake, 1998). Coordinates derrived from topographic map.

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