1. Furukawa,Y., Nakazawa,H., Sekine,T., Kobayashi,T., Kakegawa,T. (2015). Nucleobase and amino acid formation through impacts of meteorites on the early ocean // Earth and Planetary Science Letters. - V. 429 (1). - P. 216-222.
  2. Monika Kumlehn de Mamani & Ingrid Grambow IMPAKTNAMEN: Namen der [Meteorite; Impakte/Krater; Boliden/Fireballs; Tektite] im Sonnensystem.(2016)
A new study shown that meteorite impacts on ancient oceans may have created nucleobases and amino acids. Researchers from Tohoku University, National Institute for Materials Science and Hiroshima University discovered this after conducting impact experiments simulating a meteorite hitting an ancient ocean.

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