1. Reimold W.U., Koeberl Ch. (2014). Impact structures in Africa: A review // J. Afr. Earth. Sci. 93: 57-175.
Seismic evidence for a possible impact structure in the Al Hamada Al-Hamra Basin of Libya and obtained during hydrocarbon exploration was mentioned by Ben Musa and Baegi (2009). Two seismic lines denoted NG 238 and NG 464 allegedly show a crater-like structure on depth-contour maps near the top of the Awaynat Owenin Boundary and on the top of the Cambrian and Ordovician formations of the basin. They reported that the alleged structure had a similar morphology to that of a complex impact structure, with a raised rim and annular synform and a central uplift feature. The diameter of the structure is given as 2 km and an estimate of 300 m uplift for the strata of the central uplift is reported. They suggest a post-Carboniferous age, as mainly Late Carboniferous and Triassic rocks are disturbed in the area concerned. It appears that only recovery of samples from this structure in the course of drilling will be able to verify the nature of this intriguing feature. No further information regarding the location of this structure is available (Reimold W.U., Koeberl Ch., 2014).

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