1. Simms M.J., Ernstson K. (2019). A reassessment of the proposed "Lairg Impact Structure" and its potential implications for the deep structure of northern Scotland // Journal of the Geological Society, 176, 817-829.
  2. Monika Kumlehn de Mamani & Ingrid Grambow IMPAKTNAMEN: Namen der [Meteorite; Impakte/Krater; Boliden/Fireballs; Tektite] im Sonnensystem.(2010)

A map illustrating the impact and geology around Lairg and wider north west Highlands.

Bouguer gravity residual anomaly of the Lairg proposed impact structure. A buried complex structure with an inner peak ring of 50 km diameter und derived 100 km full diameter (Simms M.J., Ernstson K., 2019).

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