1. Yurkovets V.P., Mikheeva A.V. (2015). On the origin of the Ladoga impact-volcanic structure // Bull. Nov. Comp. Center. Series Math. model. in geoph. - Novosibirsk: NCC Publisher. - N.18. - P. 53-67.

Спутниковая фотография кратера из Google Earth.

Аномалии силы тяжести в районе кратера (получено по данным GLOBAL MARINE GRAVITY V18.1 средствами системы ENDDB).

Цитаты статей:

According to the earlier considered hypothesis about the tail-form of negative gravity anomalies, accompanying astroblemes and tracing the arrival trajectory of CB, such a pattern can reflect the process of the CB disintegration in the atmosphere and ying-away its fragments, forming a united system of contemporaneous possible structures, in this case: of lakes Ladoga and Onega, craters Valga and Belye Peski, and may also be of unestablished structures: Saimaa, Ilmen, Chudsko-Pskovskoye et al.
(Yurkovets V.P., Mikheeva A.V., 2015).

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