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  2. Monika Kumlehn de Mamani & Ingrid Grambow IMPAKTNAMEN: Namen der [Meteorite; Impakte/Krater; Boliden/Fireballs; Tektite] im Sonnensystem.(2010)
Tefe is a buried circular structure in the Solimoes Basin in northern Brazil, identified during oil exploration surveys using seismic methods. It has a diameter of 15 km, with a central elevation 4 km wide, and shows all the morphological features of an impact crater. Tertiary sedimentary strata 350 m thick were deposited after the formation of the structure. It was formed in Cretaceous-Paleozoic sedimentary rocks and the deformation seems to reach the basement at a depth of at least 3.2 km (Crosta A.P., Vasconcelos M.A.R., 2013).

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